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  1. Deanna Dlugiewicz

    This podcast is ligit! If your not listening you are missing out!

    • Ben

      Thanks for the love!

  2. Meghan Oldenburg

    Favorite movie(s)… LOTR. Favorite of the three, The Return of the King. But, I request a review of Fifty Shades of Grey!

    • Ben

      Yes on the Fifty Shades. I tried reading the movie but got too hot, steamy. Lord of the Rings was so well done.

  3. Ben

    My favorite movie is Fight Club

  4. Chris Herndon

    I definitely need those faces on my feet!

    • Ben

      Yes, honestly dude these socks are great. Normally my leg hairs are crying at the end of the day, with these puppies straight pamperin!


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