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Season 1 Finale and We’re Out of Gak

Ben and Dan wrap up Season 1 with the final points on their rewrite process. Then they tease a bit about the next season and next movie they plan to write. Then they talk about the 2002 film The Salton Sea, written by Tony Gayton. A great movie about revenge starring...

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Penultimate Episode and The Two Youts

Ben and Dan are wrapping up the rewrites of their movie Hinterlands. They discuss the plans to finish things with a hard deadline of end of May. They will have one more episode this season and then on to the next movie. On the second half of the episode they compare...

Rewrites Galore and Kings To You

Ben and Dan are still rewriting, this is taking forever! They talk about the need to beef up the James Boyd story line and redo the entire section of Sarah and Peter working in California. Then they talk about the 2002 revenge classic, The Count of Monte Cristo...

Second Act Rewrites and Sell Me This Pen

Ben and Dan discuss the continued rewrites of the rest of the first and into the second act. They talk about building up more storylines and removing scenes that just drag on. Then they talk about the 2013 movie Wolf Of Wall Street written by Terrance Winter. An...

Mas Rewrites and I Didn’t Kill My Wife

Ben and Dan discuss the first 30 pages that they have rewritten. They also touch on an interesting option to have a huge plot hole that is sorted out in the second movie. Then they discuss the 1993 thriller, The Fugitive written by David Twohy.

Free Sh*t – 1k Giveaway

To celebrate 1,000 downloads, Ben and Dan are giving away some cool sh*t!  Enter for a chance to win: $50 Gift card to The Pod Shop $50 in movie popcorn (4 lbs!) Multiple chances to enter. Use the options below to track them. The drawing will be on March 7th, 2021....

Rewrite Plan and Needle Nosed Ned

Ben and Dan talk about the rewriting process they are about to embark on. They will be able to fix any plot holes by taking things scene by scene over the next few months. Then the boys talk about the 1993 comedy classic, Groundhog Day written by Danny Rubin and...

First Draft Done and It’s So Fetch

Ben and Dan are all done with their first draft! Clocking in at 126 pages this thing is a real mess. Now the work of re-writing starts. Then the boys talk about the 2004 teen comedy, Mean Girls written by Tina Fey. It's so fetch.

More Fricken Pages and A Dream Within A Dream

Ben and Dan discuss even more pages. This first draft is nearly done and they talk about re-writing to tighten things up. Then they discuss the 2010 mind bender, Inception written and directed by Christopher Nolan. Elliot Page is referenced, when Ben and Dan are...

In The Third Act and I Drink Your Milkshake

Ben and Dan continue to work through the first draft and add another 8 pages. They discuss a new style approach for linear progressions. Then the boys breakdown the 2007 period piece, There Will Be Blood written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson.

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