Season 1 | Episode 1
Finding a Format & Jaggin’ Off

May 25, 2020 | 2 comments

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Hosts & Guests

Ben Dlugiewicz

Dan Dlugiewicz


Creative Live Screenwriting Course

About This Episode

In this episode Ben and Dan start this thing. These two brothers love movies and are on a quest to create their own. Each week they will drill into the process further until a finished movie is on the other side. They talk about nonsense a hate for a movie (The Core) and love of others (Get Out) and dumb stuff in between. This is an exploration into the chaos of two minds that are wired differently. Tally ho!


  1. Money

    Dan, glad you paid respects to the Jurassic Park book being WAY better than the movie!

    Dan watch Parasite

    Ben watch Bumblebee (literally just to see Soundwave)

    I’m going to watch Seberg now … for reasons

    • Ben

      Big NO for me on Seberg. I’m boycotting KS until she gets some rest.


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